Alzinova and CRST to cooperate in bringing Alzheimer’s vaccine ALZ-101 to clinical phase

2016-09-30 12:05

Alzinova AB and Clinical Research Services Turku Oy (CRST) have initiated a cooperation to prepare Alzinova’s Alzheimer’s vaccine, ALZ-101, for the first in man clinical trial. (more…)

Alzinova reports positive results from pharmacology study

2016-09-05 15:00

Alzinova has completed a second pharmacological study of the vaccine ALZ-101 in an animal model. The study addressed the immune system’s ability to respond to the vaccine formulated in different amounts of adjuvant, and also evaluated if there were any toxic effects after two and three doses. A clear dose-response was observed, and after three treatments a very strong immune response was obtained that was not associated with any findings suggestive of systemic toxicity.

Alzinova succesfully completes project funded by innovation agency Vinnova

2016-03-17 16:14

Alzinova’s vaccine ALZ-101, has successfully been evaluated in a novel species and via a novel route of administration. An assessment of systemic toxicological effects was also included.

The animal species chosen for this study responded well to vaccination already after two immunizations. The antibody titres were all comparable to those observed after repeated vaccinations of a transgenic mouse model, thus supporting both the chosen animal as a model and the novel route of administration evaluated in this project. No systemic toxicity was considered to be related to the test article, in accordance with previous vaccinations performed in mice.

AβCC patent validated in 24 European countries

2016-03-14 15:35

Alzinova’s AβCC patent has now been validated in 24 European countries comprising a very large potential market with around 540 million people. It follows issuances in Australia, China, and Japan. It is still pending in other major markets.


EPO has now granted both of Alzinova’s patents

2016-02-04 10:19

As previously reported, the European patent organisation EPO informed Alzinova that it intends to grant the company’s two patents provided that both texts are approved and the claims translated into French and German. Alzinova can now report that this has been done and the patents received their formal approval from EPO on the 4th of November, 2015 (patent family ”AβCC”), and on the 29th of January, 2016 (patent family ”ALZ-201”). The patents have now been published in the ”European Patent Bulletin”, editions 2015/49 and 2016/09, respectively.

Both patent families are now being validated in individual European countries. Alzinova will report in which countries the respective patents have been validated once this process has been finalized.

As Europe is one of the three biggest pharmaceutical markets, this is an important landmark for Alzinova. GlobalData estimates the Alzheimer’s disease market potential in the five largest European markets to 1,1 B USD by 2023. There are currently no disease-modifying treatments available, nor any reliable diagnostic methods that are able to identify early stages of the disease.

Alzinova’s first day of trading

2015-11-25 09:05

As of today, Alzinova shares can be traded on the marketplace AktieTorget. Since November 1, 2007, AktieTorget AB has been authorized by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority to operate as a securities firm to run a multilateral trading facility under the supervision of the Authority.

Alzinova AB shares are traded under the ticker ALZ. The share warrants are traded under the ticker ALZ TO 1.

Alzinova’s IPO oversubscribed by 113 percent

2015-10-27 12:06

Alzinova has announced the outcome of the recently closed subscription period in the ongoing IPO (read the Swedish pressrelease here). The demand far exceeded the number of units issued: In total, subscription orders amounting to 213 percent of authorized units were obtained (where one unit is comprised of 3 shares and 2 share warrants denoted “TO 1”).

Alzinova is now happy to welcome 1 350 new shareholders to the company, and will proceed with the listing of the shares and TO 1 warrants on the Swedish securities exchange list AktieTorget. First day of trading is estimated to be 25 November. The shares have been given the ticker “ALZ”.

EPO intends to grant Alzinova a European patent for the ALZ-201 monoclonal antibody

2015-10-12 16:40

The European Patent Office (EPO) has informed Alzinova that it intends to grant the company a European patent for the monoclonal antibody ALZ-201.


Welcome to subscribe for units in the upcoming IPO

2015-10-08 08:45

The subscription period for units in the upcoming IPO starts today, October 8, and will end on October 22.


Internal motivational program closed

2015-10-07 12:00

Alzinova announced today the closing of an incentive program (according to the Black&Sholes standard) to encourage employee commitment and increase productivity. 85% of the authorized 125 000 warrants were subscribed at 1,75 SEK per warrant. The warrant gives the holder the right to buy Alzinova shares  for 15,2 SEK during late 2018. If fully exercised, the program will result in a share dilution of 4,2%. The full press release (in Swedish) is available here.

Alzinovas bolagspresentationer i oktober / Upcoming company presentations in October [in Swedish only]

2015-10-05 13:22

Varmt välkomna att träffa oss på nedanstående bolagspresentationer, vilka kommer att hållas under oktober månad i ett flertal städer. Ni kommer då att få veta mer om bolaget och våra framtida planer samt även få möjlighet att träffa Per Wester, vår nya VD, och Anders Sandberg, Forskningsdirektör tillika medgrundare av bolaget.