ADI Report: Global cost of dementia now US$ 818 billion

2015-08-27 08:08

Alzheimer’s Disease International’s recently published World Alzheimer Report 2015 provides fresh statistics on the global impact of dementia, of which Alzheimer’s disease constitutes on the order of 70%. The report is further testament that Alzheimer’s disease is one of the areas of medicine with the highest unmet medical need today, and an increasing burden to the world economy.

The report states the following regarding global prevalence (all dementia):

  • 2015: 46.8  million, of which 58% reside in low- and middle-income countries (or LMICs)
  • 2030: 74.7 million
  • 2050: 131.5 million (of which 68% reside in LMICs)

On the topic of incidence, the report informs us that there are 9.9 million new dementia cases each year, which is equivalent of one new case every 3.2 seconds.

The report also estimates that the cost of all dementia care (including informal care) in 2015 has risen by 35% since the organisation’s last estimate in 2010:

  • 2010: US$ 604 billion (1.01% of global GDP)
  • 2015: US$ 818 billion (1.09% of global GDP)
  • 2018: US$ 1 trillon

Alzheimer’s Disease International, or ADI, is the international federation of Alzheimer associations around the world. For more information on ADI,  visit their web page at The 2015 report can be accessed here.