Alzinova’s first day of trading

2015-11-25 09:05

As of today, Alzinova shares can be traded on the marketplace AktieTorget. Since November 1, 2007, AktieTorget AB has been authorized by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority to operate as a securities firm to run a multilateral trading facility under the supervision of the Authority.

Alzinova AB shares are traded under the ticker ALZ. The share warrants are traded under the ticker ALZ TO 1.

Alzinova’s IPO oversubscribed by 113 percent

2015-10-27 12:06

Alzinova has announced the outcome of the recently closed subscription period in the ongoing IPO (read the Swedish pressrelease here). The demand far exceeded the number of units issued: In total, subscription orders amounting to 213 percent of authorized units were obtained (where one unit is comprised of 3 shares and 2 share warrants denoted “TO 1”).

Alzinova is now happy to welcome 1 350 new shareholders to the company, and will proceed with the listing of the shares and TO 1 warrants on the Swedish securities exchange list AktieTorget. First day of trading is estimated to be 25 November. The shares have been given the ticker “ALZ”.

EPO intends to grant Alzinova a European patent for the ALZ-201 monoclonal antibody

2015-10-12 16:40

The European Patent Office (EPO) has informed Alzinova that it intends to grant the company a European patent for the monoclonal antibody ALZ-201.


Welcome to subscribe for units in the upcoming IPO

2015-10-08 08:45

The subscription period for units in the upcoming IPO starts today, October 8, and will end on October 22.


Internal motivational program closed

2015-10-07 12:00

Alzinova announced today the closing of an incentive program (according to the Black&Sholes standard) to encourage employee commitment and increase productivity. 85% of the authorized 125 000 warrants were subscribed at 1,75 SEK per warrant. The warrant gives the holder the right to buy Alzinova shares  for 15,2 SEK during late 2018. If fully exercised, the program will result in a share dilution of 4,2%. The full press release (in Swedish) is available here.

Alzinovas bolagspresentationer i oktober / Upcoming company presentations in October [in Swedish only]

2015-10-05 13:22

Varmt välkomna att träffa oss på nedanstående bolagspresentationer, vilka kommer att hållas under oktober månad i ett flertal städer. Ni kommer då att få veta mer om bolaget och våra framtida planer samt även få möjlighet att träffa Per Wester, vår nya VD, och Anders Sandberg, Forskningsdirektör tillika medgrundare av bolaget.


Alzinova hires Per Wester as CEO

2015-10-01 17:08

Per Wester joined Alzinova as CEO on September 30, 2015. Before joining Alzinova, Wester was CEO of Mundipharma AB (a Swedish subsidiary of the Purdue/Mundipharma/Napp Group) for 17 years and General Manager Nordic Region since 2011. He was during 2014-15 also a member of the Board of the Research-Based Pharmaceutical Industry in Sweden (LIF).


Offentliggörande av prospekt med anledning av emission inför planerad notering på AktieTorget [in Swedish only]

2015-10-01 16:31

Vid extra bolagsstämma den 21 september 2015 beslutade styrelsen i Alzinova AB (”Alzinova”) att genomföra en emission av units, bestående av aktier och teckningsoptioner av serie TO 1, inför planerad notering på AktieTorget. Emissionen syftar till att tillföra bolaget kapital för att finansiera fortsatta prekliniska aktiviteter och avslutande av prekliniskt program avseende bolagets läkemedelskandidat ALZ-101.


Kallelse till extra bolagsstämma i Alzinova AB (publ) / Notice to attend extra General Meeting in Alzinova AB (publ)

2015-09-03 12:57

SWEDISH: Aktieägarna i Alzinova AB (publ), 556861-8168, kallas härmed till extra bolagsstämma måndagen den 21 september 2015 kl. 16.30 i Gula Salongen, Göteborgs Universitets huvudbyggnad, Universitetsplatsen 1 (Vasaparken) i Göteborg. Se hela kallelsen genom att klicka här.

ENGLISH: Notice to attend extra General Meeting in Alzinova AB, org. no. 556861-8168. The meeting will be held on Monday 21 September 2015 at 4.30 p.m., at “Gula Salongen” in University of Gothenburg’s Main Building, Vasaparken. See the full Notice (in Swedish) by clicking here.

ADI Report: Global cost of dementia now US$ 818 billion

2015-08-27 08:08

Alzheimer’s Disease International’s recently published World Alzheimer Report 2015 provides fresh statistics on the global impact of dementia, of which Alzheimer’s disease constitutes on the order of 70%. The report is further testament that Alzheimer’s disease is one of the areas of medicine with the highest unmet medical need today, and an increasing burden to the world economy.


Alzinova’s AβCC Peptide Technology patent application approved in Japan

2015-08-25 10:25

Alzinova has received a notice of allowance for the AβCC Peptide Technology patent application in Japan. This marks the fourth approval in the major markets for which IP protection has been sought (following Australia, China, and Europe). It is still pending in other major markets.

The approval further strengthens Alzinova’s intellectual property pertaining to the AβCC invention.