Alzinova at BIO Boston

Date: 2023-06-12

Last week, our CEO, Kristina Torfgård, and Business Development Director, Sebastian Hansson, participated in one of the major biotech conferences in the US, BIO, held in Boston. BIO serves as an important forum for partnership meetings, where we presented our vaccine candidate ALZ-101 and the antibody ALZ-201 to potential partners.

Attending the BIO conference provided Alzinova AB with an excellent opportunity to network and establish valuable connections within the industry. We also had the chance to showcase our progress and innovations to a wide audience of experts and stakeholders. We are pleased to see a significant interest in our vaccine, this is likely due to the positive progress seen with our antibodies and the advantages of using a vaccine as a treatment. It is also worth mentioning our oligomer-specific approach which is the specific feature that sets us apart from competitors.

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