Alzinova in BioStock Article

Date: 2022-04-14

In the article (in Swedish) linked below, our CEO, Kristina Torfgård, comments on the recent decision by the the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that reimbursement for treatment with Biogen's Alzheimer's drug  in the US will only be subsidised through the  reimbursement system if the treatment is included in clinical trials.

“We are convinced that our oligomer-specific treatments, with both the ALZ-101 vaccine and the ALZ-201 antibody, will show a greater clinical benefit compared to risk than other immunotherapies have shown. In addition, with our therapeutic vaccine, ALZ-101, which causes the body to generate its own antibodies specifically targeted at neurotoxic oligomers, we will potentially also avoid the side effects that Aduhelm has shown”, says Kristina Torfgård.

Read the BioStock Article (in Swedish)