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Promising data for the ALZ-101 vaccine presented at the AD/PD™ 2023 conference

Date: 2023-03-29

Dr. Anders Sandberg, Chief Scientific Officer, presented data for the Company’s vaccine candidate ALZ-101. The results from the studies show both long-term efficacy and that antibodies are present in the central nervous system, which is where the effect should be.

Preclinical data on the vaccine candidate show that ALZ-101 has a long-lasting effect and that antibodies can be observed even six months after the last dose. Antibodies increase sharply after refill doses of the vaccine, suggesting that an immunological memory has been created by the immunization. In addition, antibodies can be observed in spinal fluid, suggesting that they reach the central nervous system in expected amounts. The vaccine thus appears to be effective even as a long-term (chronic) treatment. The conclusion is that ALZ-101 stimulates the production of antibodies for a long time, and that these can reach the brain in relevant amounts. The poster also shows base line disease characteristics on all patients included in the ongoing phase 1b clinical trial.

The data were presented at the international conference AD/PD™ 2023 on March 28 – April 1.

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