Per Wester, CEO

Per Wester, Chief Executive Officer. Per Wester joined Alzinova as CEO on September 30, 2015. Before joining Alzinova, Wester was CEO of Mundipharma AB (a Swedish subsidiary of the Purdue/Mundipharma/Napp Group) for 17 years and General Manager Nordic Region since 2011. He was during 2014-15 also a member of the Board of the Research-Based Pharmaceutical Industry in Sweden (LIF).

For more information, please contact Per at, or by phone at +46 708 374 433.

Anders Sandberg





Anders Sandberg, Chief Scientific Officer. PhD. Board alternate and co-founder of Alzinova. Anders brings over 16 years of protein research to the board, with special emphasis on neurotoxic peptide aggregates for the last 9 years. He is also co-inventor of Alzinova’s AβCC peptide™ technology.